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Course Objectives

To train and produce competent academicians who can teach and conduct research in anatomy at University level.

  • To enable the graduate to have a good understanding of cell biology; gross anatomy, developmental biology, histology and neurobiology of the human body.
  • To enable the graduate to relate the knowledge in anatomy to functions of body systems and trends in evolution.
  • To enable the graduate to teach anatomy to the undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • To produce anatomists, who will make correct observations, prepare and interpret microscopic specimens of normal structures of the human body, give presentation and discuss research findings at scientific forums.
  • To enable the graduate to design and conduct independent research and publish results in peer reviewed journals.
  • To enable the graduate to design and submit research proposals for possible funding from donor and other funding agencies.
  • At the end of the course, the student should be able to prepare the similarities and differences in primates and how this may be related to functional adaptations compared to the human beings.