Fee Structure

Certificate in Nursing and Midwifery
Semester Fees (in Tshs)
I 1,000,000/-
II 1,000,000/-
III 1,000,000/-
IV 1,000,000/-
Other Fees - Paid to University
Fee Category Amount Period payment
Registration Fee 50,000/- Every Year
Caution Deposit (refundable) 50,000/- One time
Sports & Games 100,000/- One time
Exam Fee 100,000/- Every Year
Development Fee 100,000- Every Year
Graduation Fee 150,000/- Beginning of 3rd Semester
Student Union Fee 25,000/- Every Year
ID card 10,000/- One time
Uniform 100,000/- One time
Other Fees -Paid to Govt. Agencies through University
Fee Category Amount Period Payment
Quality Assurance Fee (NACTE) 20,000/- Every Year
Medical Insurance (NHIF) 55,000/- Every Year


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