Programme Objectives

The main objective of the B.Sc. MLT program is to produce a high-level manpower cadre at Bachelor degree level (B.Sc.) in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology and it is run under the Faculty of Medicine. On successful completion of the program the candidates will be awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc. MLT).

The main focus of the program will be providing knowledge on service to the community and betterment of training in higher learning institutions. The graduates will be members in Medical Laboratory Technology of the health planning and management teams within the government as well as non-governmental and international organizations, and also as chief liaison officers of the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) at district level. To this end the graduate will be trained to acquire knowledge and skills for managing health teams and for planning, initiating and evaluating diagnostic and research programs.

The graduates will be competent to address the specific objectives as listed below:

  • To translate the national health laboratory policies into program planning and management activities.
  • To update the laboratory diagnostic services in Therapy, Research and Quality Control by finding and sharing experience through Information, Communication and Technology (ICT).
  • To provide strategic, operational and technical support through entrepreneurship thus implementing Primary |Health Care (PHC) programs and Health Sector Reforms (HSR) relevant to Medical Laboratory Technologists.
  • To exercise leadership through strengthening of supervision and management of Medical Technology laboratories and to maintain Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in improving collection, analysis, management, correlation and interpretation of laboratory test results in both clinical medicine and public health.
  • To design and conduct relevant research studies in Biomedical Laboratory and Clinical Sciences that will critically interpret research as well as routine data for appropriate decision making and subsequent action.
  • To understand and influence decision-making processes related to Maintenance and proper operation of laboratory equipment, plan and implement laboratory and field based research evaluations and monitoring.
  • To strengthen and improve appropriate laboratory protocols, quality control systems and procurement procedures.
  • To conceptualize, plan and prepare medical laboratory technology training programs, particularly with regard to Continuing Medical Education for different cadres of medical and research laboratory at district, regional, national, non-governmental and international organizations.

Bachelor Of Science In Medical Lab Techonology