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Quality Assurance

As directed by the Tanzania Commission of Universities (TCU) which calls for every University to have a Quality Assurance Unit the Directorate of Quality Assurance is established at the International Medical and Technological University. This directorate is tasked to perform a number of tasks which will assure quality in delivery of education, research, and consultancy services at the University. The Directorate monitors and implement actions required for the University adhere to the required standards in day to day activities of the following.

  • Monitoring, Coordination and supervision of Teaching and Learning process, including quality of teaching and learning.
  • Overseeing quality in Research and Publications, responsible Quality Assurance policy related to research and publications including monitoring of research training, supervision, and community outreach activities.
  • Monitor support Services, including assessing of all activities related to staff, student and support services.

Directorate's Activities

1. Teaching and Learning Activities

Academic Programmes

Ensuring academic programmes and curricular are in line with the standards expected by the agencies such as TCU, TQF, EUCEA. This includes teaching and assessment, use of Technology use in teaching and learning by the student/staff community.

Student's Assessment

Monitor student assessment process guided by Assessment Criteria approved by the Senate and ratified by the University Council. This includes external moderation of the examination papers and marked scripts, internal examiner and faculty board meetings followed by Senate approval.

Student Feedback

Ensure students' provide feedback related to their teachers on aspects including how best they teach, mark, and communicate with students.

2. Support services

Support Services

Responsible to oversee quality of the support services like overall teaching and learning environments, staff welfare, students' accommodation, catering, environmental cleanliness, security and secretarial services provided by identified providers so that they meet standards.

Institutional Assessment

Responsible to advice the University on quality assurance mechanism and practice for conducting internal institutional self-assessment which is also externally reviewed in line with TCU requirements.

3. Research and Outreach Services


Responsible to ensure the quality of the outputs derived from the Research, Publication, and Consultancy Activities as core functions meet the standards prescribed in relevant Policy and Guidelines.

Staff Development and Capacity Building

Responsible for monitoring and advising on the mechanism for Appraisal and Human development Policies as well as a system for recruitment and selection.

DQA Team at the IMTU

1) Dr. Naidu Katuri

2) Dr. Mwanamkuu Maghembe

3) Dr. Ratna Kumari Koneru

4) Dr. Camille Okom