Katuri Subba Rao

Chairman and Founder

Following the personal request by the Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the Vignan Educational Foundation, opened the first private Medical University in Tanzania, the International Medical and Technological University (IMTU), in 1997. Over the past 21 years about 1500 medical doctors have qualified from this university. We are proud to learn that they are highly sought after in Tanzania and many other countries. We have trained students from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Zambia though significant majority of our students have been Tanzanians.

The recent challenges have made us more determined to fulfill our vision to be an exemplary University in Health Care training and innovation. Our mission is to provide high quality medical education, research and outreach services to the communities in Tanzania. This demonstrates the determination we place on what is expected from a University.

For the past 21 years our focus was on health care related disciplines, but in the near future, we shall, in the next few years, expand the university to cover fields of Engineering and build programs that link the university with industry to produce the highly sought skills to support the industrialization process.

I and the IMTU Management will use this website to share our achievements, with the IMTU Community, IMTU Alumni, other universities and future aspirants to join the University.

Keep on the good work, keep the struggle and victory is sure to come. Never give up!

Katuri Subba Rao,
Chairman and Founder,
Vignan Educational Foundation