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The Council shall be the principal policy making organ of the University and has the authority:

  • To adopt standing orders and general policies of the University.
  • To administer the property of the University both movable and immovable
  • To administer the funds and other assets of the University with prior approval of the Founder.
  • On behalf of the University, to receive gifts, donations, grants or other moneys and to make the disbursements there from to the faculties, institutes, constituent colleges or to other persons or bodies.
  • To appoint such Officers of the University as it may deem necessary.
  • To establish and abolish any offices, departments, faculties, institutes, boards, constituent colleges or bodies or organs of the University as it may deem necessary.
  • To approve the Universities annual plans, annual budgets, annual reports and audited financial statements from the previous year.
  • To ensure that the University is guided by the laid down policies.
  • To issue rules and procedures relating to financial regulations of the University.
  • To propose the amendment to the Regulations of the Council.
  • To form permanent or temporary committees among its members to undertake any task.

University Council


  • 1. Mr. Katuri Subbarao, Chairman
  • 2. Dr. Shaik Moulali, Vice Chairman
  • 3. Mr. Katuri Brahma Naidu
  • 4. Dr. Hassan Mshinda, Director General, COSTECH
  • 5. Dr. Mwele Malecela, Director, NIMR
  • 6. Hon. Mrs. Rita Mlaki M.P.
  • 7. Ambassador O.P. Gupta
  • 8. Ambassador Eva Nzaro
  • 9. Dr. Adam Mwabulanga, Former Chief of Medical Services, TPDF
  • 10. Prof. R. W. Nyatega, Executive Director – HESLB>


  • 11. Ambassador Y.C. Lumbanga, Former Chief Secretary
  • 12. Prof. Idrisa A. Mtulia, Former Permanent Secretary, Tumaini Hospital
  • 13. Dr. Yahaya Ipuge – Ifakara Research Institute
  • 14. Prof. Sylvia S.Temu– Director, Higher Education, MOEVT
  • 15. Dr. Margaret Mhando, Chief Medical Officer, MOH
  • 16. High Commissioner of India
  • 17. Dr. Upunda, Former Chief Medical Officer, Ministry Of Health, Tanzania
  • 18. IMTU Student Representative(Male)
  • 19. IMTU Student Representative(Female)