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Vignan Educational Foundation
Vignan Educational Foundation (Tanzania)

The Vignan Educational Foundation is Registered Educational Trust in India since 1991 and is at present running following institutions: 

(a) BANGALORE INSTITUTE OF DENTAL SCIENCES & HOSPITAL (BIDS): BIDS is established in 1991 offering Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) degrees in six specialities. The College is recognized by the Dental Council of India and Govt. of India.

(b) VIGNAN GENERAL HOSPITAL, Bangalore: Equipped with 150 beds with most modern equipment .

(c) VIGNAN INSTITUTE OF NURSING, Bangalore: It is a Nursing School offering Diploma in Nursing & Midwifery (DNM), a 3 years course with an intake of 100 students per academic year. It is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

(d) KATURI MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL (KMC): located at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. KMC offers MBBS degree with an intake of 100 students a year as permitted by the Government of India and approved by the Medical Council of India, New Delhi. The KMC Hospital has a well equipped integral hospital.

(e) VIGNAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (TANZANIA): Vignan Educational Foundation (Tanzania) was registered in Dar es Salaam for the sole purpose of honouring the commitment made, of starting a centre for Higher Education, to His Excellency Julius Nyrrere by the Chairman Mr. K. Subba Rao. VEF (T) is owned by VEF, Bangalore. VEF(T) has the responsibility to operate International Medical and Technological University in Tanzania.

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