To be an exemplary university in advancement, expansion, transmission of knowledge and skills through research, innovation, training and services in the fields of healthcare, technology and management.


To provide quality education, research and service for the advancement of health and economic prosperity of Tanzanians and people across the world.


Six core values will guide IMTU in accomplishing its vision, mission and objectives.


IMTU will observe quality in all academic pursuits including teaching, research and public services by ensuring that standards are adhered to, and quality control and assurance mechanisms are institutionalized and maintained.

Accountability and Transparency:

IMTU management will observe openness, teamwork, participation, liableness and answerability in making decisions and implementation of all activities.

Moral standards and integrity:

IMTU community will uphold and observe accuracy, professional ethics, honesty, corporate social responsibility and human respect in all its undertakings.


In performing the activities related to its core functions, IMTU will attempt to be creative, up to date and cherish novelty.


IMTU is an equal opportunity institution.


IMTU will work closely with its stakeholders who include students, staff, government institutions, NGOs, Civil Society groups, service providers, other learning institutions, both within and outside the country, etc.