The mission of the ICT center is to provide and apply effectively and efficiently quality ICT services towards realization of IMTU vision and mission. In-line with this mission the center carried out a number of activities in the period under review as stipulated in the sections below.

ICT lab facility was enhanced by increasing the number of working computer to 50 numbers with windows operating system and Microsoft Office tools. High speed internet was made available thru 5MB bandwidth purchased thru RAHA. Wi-Fi capability was established throughout the campus though the speed was spotty at times. However, through a project with COSTECH the university was selected in a sponsored project to obtain 15MB bandwidth with fiber lines connecting to the university.


Name Phone Email
Mr. Fredrick Ngaponda, System Analyst, +255 712199778 lukesfred@yahoo.com
Mr. Amon Paul Shija, Teacher & Technician, +255 754077852 clickamon@gmail.com