The Controller of Examinations shall be responsible for all matters connected with the conduct of examinations and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Statutes and the university Ordinances. Specific responsibilities are as follows:

So, we can say in fine that it is a very high time to establish or develop an archive function in the office of the Controller of Examinations, then proper services could be rendered to the concerned individuals' (teachers, staffs and the students or beneficiaries concerned) at the shortest possible time.


Name Phone Email
Dr. Shankar Rao A, Head of Controller Examination,
M.B.B.S, M.D in Forensic Medicine,
+255 789220243 srappam@gmail.com
Dr. Dinesh Kumar D, Deputy Controller of Examination,
B.P.T, M.Sc in Medical Anatomy,
+255 715792759 drdineshkumaranat@gmail.com
Prashanth Kumar Guddeti, Deputy Controller of Examination,
B.Sc MLT, M.Sc in Medical Microbiology,
+255 715799149 prashanth8687@gmail.com