Ordinary Diploma in Nursing (NTA Level 6 & NTA Level 4 - 6)
Certificate in Nursing (NTA Level 4 – 5) Program:

The Faculty of Nursing, in line with the Tanzanian vision of 2025 which aims at achieving high quality livelihood of all Tanzanians, is currently running two Programs on Diploma in Nursing namely: Post-basic ordinary diploma in nursing for In-service trainees which runs for one year, and Generic diploma in nursing for direct entrants which runs for three years. In line with government strategy of increasing man power, the Prospective Faculty of Nursing endeavors to produce in-service and pre-service diploma nurses who are competent in knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to provide quality health nursing services to the Tanzanian population as well as outside the boundary of Tanzania.

  • i. Biochemistry and Genetics
  • ii. Parasitology and Entomology
  • iii. Pharmacology
  • iv. Ethics and legal issues in Health Care
  • v. Midwifery
  • vi. Health Policies and Guidelines
  • vii. Medical and Surgical Nursing
  • viii.Leadership and Management
  • ix. Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • x. Entrepreneurship
  • xi. Research
  • xii. Mental Health Nursing
  • • The curriculum model/framework depicts the essential components of nursing that the learner will assimilate and integrate as she/he evolves through the one/three years of the program.
  • • The Diploma of Nursing program is designed to provide an innovative education which is responsive to society needs and demands, while not compromising both learner and professional needs and demands.
  • • The student is the central focus of the nursing educational program. Within a learning environment, the learner will acquire knowledge, professional attitudes and competencies.

The curricula design for both Programs is a competence-based. They were developed by the Nursing Training Section of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in collaboration with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) in order to ensure consistence with other training institutions in the country offering the same Programs.