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International Medical and Technological University (IMTU), recognized and approved by the Government of Tanzania, incorporates a fine balance of creativity, theory and practical skills. IMTU offers in-depth graduate courses in Medicine and very shortly in Nursing and Dental Sciences. The future plans include Courses in Technology and Management. The University offers conducive environment, ideal for bringing out the very best in a student while fostering a climate of learning, social tolerance and equality. The highly qualified faculty is committed to the investigation and promotion of new ideas while imparting high standards of instruction, encouraging the students to explore and analyze the latest in research findings and add to them. The staff focuses on evolving the ‘Complete Individual’. IMTU believes in gently nurturing the intellect to serve the humanity. His Excellency I K Gujral, the Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the College of Medicine of International Medical and Technological University at Dar es Salaam.

IMTU is the pride of India in Tanzania and a shining example of South- South concept of development. IMTU is the first institution to prove that South-South can play a constructive and creative role in the process of furthering Medical & Technological education within the South countries. In selecting new means to achieve a wider and more equitable spread of scientific knowledge and technologies, IMTU is a path blazer. This venture symbolizes the friendship between India and Tanzania and the common commitment to the ideal of South – South Cooperation. The establishment of this University therefore, in a small but significant way, represents the fulfillment of the aspirations and demonstrates the viability of South – South Cooperation.

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