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The examination regulations govern the conduct of University examinations at IMTU. These regulations may be amended on approval by the senate. The regulations are comprehensive but in case of any doubt, the Chief Controller of Examinations should be consulted for clarification.


Every University examination shall be conducted by a Board of Examiners which shall consist of one examiner appointed from outside the University, in conjunction with one of the teachers of the candidates in the subjects under examination; except that , in the case of the supplementary examinations of the failed candidates, all the examiners will be appointed from within the University, provided that at least one of them had no part in teaching the subjects under examination. The external examiners shall be entitled to the honoraria as approved by the senate from time to time. The procedure for appointing the examiners is as follows:
· Each head of department shall submit the names internal examiners and the name of two external examiners, of minimum rank of senior lecturer, with their current curriculum vitae to the Dy.VC Academics who would select the external and internal examiners.
· All examiners should have an acceptable curriculum vitae. They should be experienced, competent and with good academic reputation.
· External examiners shall be allowed to serve for 3 consecutive years, after which they will not be eligible to examine until after a further period of 3 years has passed.
· Internal and external examiners shall conduct theory, practical/clinical and oral examinations jointly.
· External examiners shall be required to submit a report about the quality of the questions set, the conduct of the examinations, the performance of the candidates and what improvements need to be effected in the teaching to the Chairman of Senate through the head of department soon after the examinations are concluded.


· Satisfactory course attendance of at least 80 % in all classes.
· All the relevant fees for that semester should be paid before the examinations.
· Each candidate who wishes to appear for the examination should have
appeared for all module examinations during the semester.
· Should not have been barred from the exam by the senate for any reason.


· Each candidate shall be required to register for the respective courses at the beginning of each year and the relevant fees paid.
· Every candidate who is due to appear for an examination shall submit an
application form along with a passport photo stating the subjects he/she
wants to appear in.
· Every candidate should obtain a ticket for admission into the examination
hall from the office manager at least 3 days before commencement of
· Candidates should carry their examination ticket at all times during the
examination. Entry into the examination hall will strictly depend on
possession of the ticket.


5.1. A candidate who deliberately absents himself/herself from examination without
compelling reasons and prior approval of the senate shall be discontinued from the University.

5.2. A candidate who absents oneself from an examination with a compelling reason and prior approval of the senate shall be allowed to appear for the examination at the next examination season.


6.1. There shall be theory, practical/clinical and oral examinations in each subject.

6.2. Each module shall have an examination with theory, practical and oral in the pre-clinical subjects and a theory, clinical and oral examination in the clinical components

6.3.The end of rotation examination in the clinical courses shall consist of a clinical and oral examination and the module examinations shall constitute the theory examinations

6.4.The aggregate of the module theory/practical/oral examinations shall form 50 % of the final examination

6.5.The final examination, where applicable shall, theory/practical/clinical/oral components constitute 50 % of the final grade. The other 50 % coming from the coursework examinations during the modules.


7.1. The dates of module examinations shall be announced by the respective departments at least 15 days before.

7.2.The dates of university examinations shall be announced by the Examinations Officer at least 30 days before.


8.1. Every examination shall be supervised or invigilated by two academic members of staff, one of them a senior faculty member

8.2.The Room superintendent shall arrange the seating arrangement, numbering of
Register numbers, Answer scripts and additional sheets.

8.3.All answer books shall be coded by the Controller of examinations, which shall be valued by one internal and one external examiner in the valuation center.

8.4.Answer scripts and unused answer books shall be handed over to the Controller of Examinations at the end of the examination.

8.5.Internal an external examiners shall meet with the Controller of examinations at the end of the practical and oral examinations with the marks sheets for all examinations.


Instructions to candidates shall be as follows:
· Candidates shall be seated in the examination room 10 minutes before the examination starts.
· Write your register number only on the answer books. Names of candidates shall not be written anywhere in the answer books
· Complete the cover sheet by marking with an X against the numbers of questions that you have attempted. Begin each question on a fresh page and write on both sides of the sheet.
· All rough work must be done in the answer book then shall be crossed out. Additional books must be fastened together
· Candidates shall personally hand over the answer scripts to the Room Superintendent before leaving the examination room, indicating clearly the number of additional books used.
· No un-authorised materials including cell phones shall be allowed into the examination room. Only water shall be allowed into the examination room


· Candidates who are caught with un-authorised materials will be
disqualified from that examination.
· No malpractice, disturbance or communication by candidates shall be allowed. A candidate guilty of such an offence shall be suspended from the examination and the matter brought to the attention of Senate which shall decide on the disciplinary punishment to be taken.


11.1. The results of end of semester examinations and the University examinations will be endorsed in the College board and the senate and declared before the commencement of the next semester.

11.2. Results will be entered in the semester end progress report and the signature of the student obtained and forwarded to the parent/guardian.


· The pass mark for all examinations shall be 50 % overall in both the coursework and final examination. Candidates who score 50 % or more will be declared to have passed the examination.
· A candidate shall be allowed to do a supplementary examination when he/she has failed the previous examination and he/she has scored at least 40 % or more.
· The supplementary examination shall be conducted 4 weeks after the university examination.
· Candidates who fail the supplementary examination shall be required to repeat the semester.
· Candidates who pass will be awarded a C grade and shall be allowed to proceed to the next semester.
· Candidates shall be allowed 3 chances to appear for any examination after which they shall be discontinued from studies.
· Candidates who pass all the semester examinations shall be declared to have completed the course and shall be awarded the degree.

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