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These regulations govern the admissions of students to courses conducted by International Medical & Technological University (IMTU), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. A very short extract of these regulations is included in the prospectus of the University and a copy of these regulations is added as a separate booklet for more information. The regulations are comprehensive but in case of any doubt, please contact the Manager Admissions IMTU for clarifications at IMTU, P.O. Box 77594, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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a. Issue of Prospectus and Admission Application Forms : 01 May to 30 July for September Semester and 01 October to 30 Dec for February Semester.
b. Last Date of Receipt of Admission Application Forms : 10 Aug and 10 Jan.

c. Finalisation and Intimation of Admissions to Prospective Students : 20 August and 20 January.
d. Last date of Withdrawal of Admissions : 30 August and 30 January.
e. Commencement of Semester : 01 Sep and 15 Feb.
f. Last Date for Admission : The students are expected to join on the first day of the commencement of the semester. Three days grace period will be allowed. In case of any problems for the students, prior written approval of the University is to be obtained to join late up to 15 Sep and 01 Mar. There after the admissions will be cancelled and the advance of fee paid will not be refunded. The seat will be allotted to the students in waiting list.
g. Supplementary Admissions for Wait Listed Students : The seats which fall vacant due to last minute withdrawals will be allotted to the waitlisted students by 18 Sep and 04 Mar and these students are expected to join by 25 Sep and 11 Mar.


a. IMTU announces the commencement of issue of the prospectus one week before the actual date of commencement. The admission committee is formed for that semester under the chairmanship of the Dy. V C Academics.
b. The potential students procure the prospectus on payment.
c. The Students apply for admission with in the stipulated time.
d. The admission committee screens the applications as per the entry criteria and rejects the applicants that are not eligible.
e. Forward the eligible applications to the HEAC for approval within the time frame.
f. On approval by HEAC, the eligible students' merit list is drawn up. The students that are eligible as per the merit list are informed that they have been selected for admission and offered the seat.
g. The students that do not turn up for admission within the stipulated period of time will be informed that their admission is cancelled and the seat will be offered to the students next in the merit list.
h. The students that are offered seat will have to pay full fee for that year and register within the stipulated period.
i. The students seeking hostel accommodation will have to apply for the same in the initial application for admission. IMTU will inform the student about the allotment of accommodation in the hostel in the confirmation letter regarding admission.


a. All students that are accepted for admission are expected to become members of the IMTU Students' Organisation (IMTUSO).
b. All students are expected to confirm entirely to University regulations.
c. Fees for the year will not be refunded after the semester commences.
d. The students staying in the hostel will have to strictly adhere to the hostel rules.


The admission criteria for various are given under the courses offered by various colleges.


The admission of students can be cancelled whenever it is found that the certificates produced by the students at the time of admissions as proof of the entry requirements are false. The students involved will be withdrawn after informing the HEAC.

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